Chateau Hotels & Holidays

There is nothing grander than a Chateau which represents culture, heritage, and a unique charm. This is why so many discerning travellers prefer to stay in such a setting while on their getaway.

With a boutique hotel feeling, the ambience in such an establishment is a unique way to experience an essence of heritage while relaxing the mind and soul.

Chateau Hotels & Holidays

Many Chateaus are not just historic, but also have been renovated and redeveloped without loosing their charm, while offering new facilities in a modern world. The contrasts available are a true spectacle of sophistication with many adding facilities such as spa centres and large outdoor swimming pools.
Such a charming establishment can be found from the Chateaus of France within the wine valleys to Chateau of colonial countries such as Cyprus and Sri Lanka even.

A firm favourite for many visiting France is the Chateau de Pizay with its 80 hectares of glorious vineyards and another is the Chateau Lambousa in North Cyprus of the Lapta region of Kyrenia with its citrus orchards.

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