Le Chateau Lambousa Hotel in North Cyprus

A recent addition to the world of Chateau hotels, although this complex doe snot produce wine, it is a fine example of a great Chateau experience in the Mediterranean.

Le Chateau Lambousa hotel in North Cyprus is an excellent example of the better half of what is available in kyrenia hotels. The Château is a historic and iconic establishment that is well known to so many. A Colonial building that has been renovated in recent days by the Girne American University. The Chateau is now a hub for tourism training and an excellent example of finer hotels in Kyrenia.

Chateau Lambousa Kyrenia | North Cyprus

The main building is amazing with a historic feel. Designed with the crusaders in mind, the theme is clear from the architecture.

The rooms are spread around a large plain of citrus groves as villa rooms and hotel rooms. There are unbroken mountain views around the complex, and the large outdoor swimming pool is an amazing place to relax and unwind in peace and quiet.

The Chateau Lambousa hotel has recently also opened its beach club, serving those who are sun worshippers and beach holiday lovers.

A stay at the Chateau Lambousa is a perfect place for relaxation and discovering the local charms of kyrenia town.

One of Northern Cyprus best hotels, you wont be disappointed by staying at this complex of history and culture.